Skin Brightening Kit - INSTANT RESULTS KIT

$125.00 USD

Our ultimate 3-step kit for instantly reducing the appearance of dark discolorations of the sensitive intimate areas, including the anal and genital zones, face, underarms and all areas of the body. Instant Brightening Accelerating Wash maximizes results quickly and safely without irritation.

Now you can get the same “extra strength” results that the pros have in the comfort of your own home.

The package is comprised of three products designed to work together to deliver amazing safe and gentle results.

STEP 1 – South Beach Accelerating Wash (with Green Tea)
Step 1 gets the process started and accelerates your results! The South Beach Accelerating Wash gently exfoliates the skin and prepares it to receive the Gel. It gives an amazing INSTANT brightening to the top layers of the skin of at least 2-3 shades.

STEP 2 – South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas
Step 2 incorporates our world-famous SB Gel for Sensitive Areas. This product absorbs into the skin quickly and dries cleanly. It helps reduce melanin production in new skin cells as they are formed to deliver a natural, long-term result.

STEP 3 – South Beach Soothing Lotion
Step 3 is our clean, fresh and light SB Soothing Lotion. It is designed to calm the skin after the treatment. Keeps the skin moisturized, reducing friction and heat that can contribute to hyperpigmentation. Also great for preventing ingrown hairs. It is free of any potential irritants such as fragrances and dyes. The perfect finish to ensure a pleasant experience.

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