lower body


good girl $35

basic clean up of top and outer sides


curious $50

not quite brave enough to be bare down there... ease in to the vixen with a clean up of outer sides, upper sides and a little off the top ... nothing down the middle or backside


vixen $75

completely bare down there... full removal of top, sides, middle, and backside (optional)...must inform waxer if you would like to leave a landing strip or triangle up top


vixen maintenance $65

routine treatment with cera studio every 3-4 weeks...no exceptions or extensions policy on timeframe for special maintenance pricing... or maintaining with Cera


tummy trail $15


stomach $25


lower back $20


half back $30


full back $55


upper legs (includes knees) $50+


lower legs (includes knees) $50+


full legs (includes feet) $65+


feet $20


*prices subject to change without notice

upper body


half arms (includes elbow) $30


full arms (includes hands) $40


underarms $25



brows $30


upper lip $18


lower lip $10


chin $20


sideburns $20


face w/out brow $50


face w/brow $65


neck $20



blanca - first area $75 / each additional area $15+

buttock, bikini, or underarm skin lightening to even out skin tone... includes 3 sessions.


body bling - $15 each

choose from a variety of Swarovski Crystal designs....can be applied to most areas of the body.


brow tint - $20


lash tint - $30



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